The Bolder the Better

The Bolder the Better

Alright, traders…the TradeSports $4,000 Road to the Finals contest continues, but if you find yourself trailing then it’s time to start trading bold.


In honor of that sentiment, here are ten of the boldest, ballsiest moments in NBA history.


1. Reggie Miller Throws the Choke Sign to Spike

Reggie Miller Choke

Reggie Miller’s trash talk is as legendary as his game, but perhaps his most memorable mudslinging moment came in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals against the Knicks. There, Reggie traded taunts with none other than award-winning filmmaker and devout New York fan, Spike Lee.


Spike was in his usual courtside spot and  had spent the game jeering Reggie, who was having an off day. That fired up Miller who jawed off right back.


The exchanges between the two were heated. Reggie was showering Spike with finger wags and smack talk after every clutch basket. At one point, Miller was even so bold as to flash the choke sign in Spike’s direction.


The trash talk war ended up backfiring for Spike. Miller dropped 25 points in the fourth quarter to give the Pacers a W and send the series back to Indiana.


The Knicks and Pacers are back at it again in this year’s NBA Playoffs. And so are Reggie and Spike.


2. MJ Takes a Free Throw with Closed Eyes

Michael Jordan had plenty of bold moments in his career. Like the time he left the NBA to play minor league baseball. Or his flu game. But his blind free throw shot against the Denver Nuggets was pretty bad ass. Watch below.


The best part? Before he took the shot, he called out Nuggets center Dikembe Mutombo, “Hey, Mutumbo. This one’s for you.” Naturally, the shot went in. It was as if they were playing a rousing game of HORSE in the back yard rather than a professional basketball game. Classic.


3. Everything Mark Cuban Does

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is the definition of bold, and he’s always awesome to watch. He’s been slapped with almost $2 million in fines for calling out refs, criticizing the league, scathing tweets and general outbursts.


One of his best bold moments though came when he absolutely owned Skip Bayless on live TV.



4. Mugger Lets Lou Williams Go Because He’s Lou Williams

When Lou Williams was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2011, he was approached by a gunman in  Manayunk. Obviously you’ve got to be pretty bold to rob someone, but even ballsier to do what happened next.


Williams’ would-be mugger recognized the NBA guard and decided against taking his money because ofget thisWilliams’ contributions to the community.


Williams explained, “A guy tried to rob me but decided not to because of whatever I do in the community. He’s a Lou Williams fan, so he didn’t rob me.”


You can always count on the unwavering moral compass of a mugger.


And just how did Lou Williams react? Why, he bought the guy McDonalds, of course.


5. LeBron Predicts Eight Championships

During the summer of The Decision, LeBron was all balls all the time. His boldest move? Predicting that he’d rack up eight championships with the Miami Heat.


Not one, not two….


6. Dennis Rodman Plays Diplomat

In March, VICE television accompanied Dennis Rodman to North Korea to visit with Kim Jong-un for their edgy show. There, Rodman allegedly became friends with the North Korean leader. It was a bold, arrogant move to go, but Rodman didn’t seem to care and has since tried to leverage his relationship with Kim Jong-un in the name of American diplomacy.



7. Ty Lawson Propositions Kim Kardashian on  Twitter

Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson went pretty damn bold with the below tweet.

Ty Lawson

I mean, he kind of has a point. Lamar Odom won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers after marrying Khloe, and Reggie Bush won a Super Bowl ring after dating Kim.


There’s still so much ballsiness in this tweet, though.


First, his backdoor brag about his performance with the “17 minutes” reference.


Second, he follows it up with: “I’ll take one for the team lol.”


And third, the next morning, he tried to deny that he sent them.


8. Jason Collins Takes a Brave Step for Sports

Hopefully no one missed this story because it was a proud moment for professional sports. Being the first male openly gay active professional sports player definitely takes some major cajones. A truly proud moment for Jason and for the NBA. Good for him.


9. Reporter Tries to Embarrass the White Mamba

Who does not absolutely LOVE Brian Scalabrine? Apparently, this bold reporter who, after the Boston Celtics won a championship decided to focus on the fact that Scal saw no playing time in the series.


“How was it for you watching it from the sideline? Not able to play even one little second in the Finals. Was that hard?”


Scal fires back with a hilarious answer. Boldness in both directions.


10.  Heat Fan Unleashes Rage on Joakim Noah

Bringing the boldness back to the NBA playoffs at hand, this Miami Heat fan got bold all up in the grill of Joakim Noah.


Heat Fan Flips off Joakim Noah


At first glance, this boldness seems likely inspired by a couple $10 beers. But once the Sun Sentinel identified the woman, her history of  agression became apparent. The brothers of her late husband had even accused the woman in the New York Times of being involved in her husband’s death.


Uhhhhh… well, on that bold note, if you’ve got any more NBA ballsiness we missed, drop your memories in the comments!

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